Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Help, Here...

Not to brag, but I do believe that I am at least as smart as the average bear. However, from time to time, I find that my nearly adequate cognitive abilities are not quite up to the task at-hand.

For example, here are some recent puzzles from a local newspaper that have been giving me problems of late. And as much as I hate to admit it, I am going to need some assistance with them. But remember, I only want a hint—don't be giving the whole thing away now!

Word Search

Word List:
1. Loser

Fun With Analogies
red is to blue, as
is to ____________


Rearrange these to form a popular joke from the Raman II era, circa 457 BC.

Can You Distinguish Between the Twins?

Look closely. How many differences can you find?
(So far, I have only noticed that the one on the right isn't wearing a tie.)


Shawn said...

I didn't find the Jumble one that hard, and the joke was quite amusing. Remember, most jokes of that era either doubled as snarky political commentary, or revolved around genitalia. This one is an example of the latter.

Dave said...

Shawn: Ugh. I'm sorry I posted it. Who knew (other than you)?

Diane said...

I knew.

I know most stuff.

OK, not really.

But I know that llama on the left seriously needs a haircut.

Ralph said...

Hm, let's see...

Twins: The right one's hair is real.

Analogies: Red to blue as blastomycosis to, hm, WhineFlu? Feline AIDS?

Dave said...

Oooh, I got another one for #4! If you concentrate on the one on the left while squinting, you'll see that he does not discard his wives every few years and replace them with increasingly younger ones.

Gary said...

Does that mean they continue getting younger after marrying him? Does that make the one on the left jealous. Ooh! That's another difference.

Dave said...

Gary: Re Question 1--Huh? Re Question 2--pending my comprehension of Question 1 (don't hold your breath). However, I'll take you word for it that it is another difference.

Jeff said...

Although it is not evident in the picture, the one on the right has fewer bankruptcies.

Dave said...

Jeff: He does seem to have a financial devil-may-care look upon his face, doesn't he?