Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Memories

I found a letter that I wrote to my parents stuck between pages of my dia—er, Journal. I obviously wrote it during my one-and-only summer attending sleepaway camp. Check it out.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know it was your idea that I go away this summer, so I thought I would write and let you know how it is all working out for me.

You thought that it would be good to commune with nature. Well, I have to say that I certainly have had that opportunity. In fact, yesterday I communed with approximately 75 bees when I stepped on their nest. What even made it doubly exciting was when I subsequently communed with all that poison ivy while rolling around in abject pain.

This might be a good time to mention that our Camp Infirmary is rather tastefully decorated.

You also thought that I might enjoy some of the activities going on in camp. Well, I must admit that they do keep us busy. I can’t wait until it’s my turn to do the hiding in the daily installment of the ever-popular, “Hide The Underwear” game—although the others keep trying to convince me that my role is the most fun. Hmmmm.

Swimming in a lake is a very different kind of experience than swimming in a pool. For example, did you know that at least 15 other species of animal share the lake with us? I'm not sure if that snake was much into sharing, however. But on the bright side, I was told it probably was not poisonous.

Did I mention that the Camp Infirmary is rather tastefully decorated? Or that anti-venom serum is somewhat tasty?

You’ll be happy to know that I have met some really interesting people in camp. Still don’t know why the call him “Sitonyourface Sam”, but the others tell me that that mystery will be revealed to me soon. Real soon. Perhaps as early as tomorrow at sun-up. Oh, the anticipation—I love mysteries.

I’m sure you’re worried that I might not be eating well, with that institutionalized food and all. Heh, it’s kind of ironic that I used the word “institutionalized”. Especially when one considers that our chef goes by 3 names and has a habit of lovingly caressing the knives before he begins to prepare each meal.

And just where are those cats I saw when I first arrived, anyway?

Anyway, that’s about it. As you can see, camp life does have some bright points.

Still, I don’t think I’ll be working here again next summer.

Your Son,


Anonymous said...

Looks like you've always had a way with words & you're still funny! @nhmagpie

Dave said...

nhmagpie: Thanks for the visit and the comment! Good to know that I'm still funny. You'd think life would have beaten that thing out of me years ago.

brookeamanda said...

I must say I'm very happy I never went away to camp!

Dave said...

Brookeamanda: Not all camp experiences were like mine. I hear some were actually negative