Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Party On!

OK, here's the scenerio: You've just received a party invitation for Friday night, but you already have plans (afterall, those socks won't get organized by themselves, you know). Do you alter your calendar and show up?

Now, some people accept, decline (or, if you are like me, ignore) invitations based not on how well they know and/or like the hosts, but on the projected amount of chicanery expected at the event itself. In other words, one must decide if they should face certain catatonia at some boring snooze-fest or, at the other extreme, roll the dice and risk waking up in a jail cell (still drunk) with their head on the shoulder of some guy they call, J-Dog.

To that end, I assert that it would be immensely useful if all such invitations came with a partyOmeter like the one shown below. This simple device can assist potential party-goers in making an informed decision on whether or not they want to attend said event.

So, start a trend. Cut out the partyOmeter below and include it with your next invitation. Just circle the projected intensity or use an arrow if you feel it falls between mileposts. You might want to print it out first to save wear and tear on your monitor...


Denise said...

There's an invite coming your way soon -- I'll make sure to include the Party-O-Meter with it :-)

Dave said...

I sure hope it's not a bacchanal. I don't know how I will explain it to the children.